Quidditch Through The Ages Could Be The Next Harry Potter Spin-Off Movie & Here's Proof

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Calling it now: Quidditch Through The Ages is going to be the next Harry Potter franchise to be turned into a movie. The Hogwarts library book, which was originally released in a set of mini-textbooks along with Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, was written by J.K. Rowling (as Kennilworthy Whisp), but while Fantastic Beasts has gone on to land a five-film series, this history of the most revered of Wizard sports has been left in the dust — until now.
Audible just announced that Quidditch Through The Ages is getting the audio book treatment. The short text will be narrated by Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln and released by Pottermore on 15th March, but what's really got me excited is what this could mean for the future of Harry Potter. After all, Audible released the audiobook of Fantastic Beasts around this same time last year (14th March, to be exact), with star of the movie Eddie Redmayne as the narrator. I'm not saying this means there's definitely a Quidditch movie in the works, but if history were to repeat itself, then it would make sense that this hypothetical Quidditch movie would hypothetically go on to maybe hypothetically star Andrew Lincoln as Whisp.
It's undeniable that a movie about Quidditch (through the ages) would be a hit. High-flying athletes from all over the world zooming about on screen sounds entertaining enough on its own, but this is an opportunity for the Wizarding world to have its own Rudy, or Remember The Titans, or even Varsity Blues. Maybe called Snitch, or Remember the Quaffle, or Varsity Bludger. I could go on.
Whatever this audiobook means, even if they aren't working on a movie yet, they're certainly drumming up enthusiasm for this forgotten spin-off rather out of the blue. If no plans are in motion, then let this serve as the catalyst. I'm sure J.K. Rowling reads my posts.
Pre-order Quidditch Through The Ages read by Andrew Lincoln over here!
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