Can You Make It Through This List Without Crying?

Photo: Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock.
Are you a crier? One of those people, like me, who sobs at the smallest hint of emotional upheaval during a film?
Surely, everyone has experienced this at some point. That moment when you're so engulfed in a film, and it suddenly turns dark or sad— maybe your favorite character's long lost love dies—and you feel that tightness in the back of your throat. You fumble in the dark for a napkin, but they're all covered in popcorn butter. And then it's too late: you're crying.
While I don't cry in real life all that often (talk about #blessed), crying in movies is a regular occurrence for me. And not just during tearjerkers. I'm talking about crying during happy movies. Friendship movies. Kids movies. Romantic comedies.
No genre is safe from my soft movie theater sobs.
Click ahead for a roundup of movies that have left me —and probably you, too — crying in a theater or on the couch during movie night. Grab a Kleenex, and brace yourself.

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