French And Saunders' Gogglebox Parody Was Christmas TV Gold

Over the years, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders have become known for their hilarious and uncanny parodies: who can forget the time they did Mamma Mia!, Titanic, Lord of the Rings, or Britney Spears and Madonna? During last night's Christmas special, 300 Years of French and Saunders, the super-talented duo poked affectionate fun at Wonder Woman, The Handsmaid's Tale and Kim Kardashian, proving their grip on pop culture remains firm as ever. But it was their impersonation of several Gogglebox cast members that was probably most perfect.
First, they spoofed Giles and Mary, the married couple from Wiltshire who tend to call one another "Nutty." French played Giles opposite Saunders' Mary, whose outfit gradually changed across the show to blend in better and better with the couple's famous fern-print wallpaper and armchair fabric.
Watch a clip of their Giles and Mary parody courtesy of Metro below.
Then French and Saunders dressed up as Mary and Marina, Gogglebox's adorable elderly best friends from Bristol. This sketch revolved around Mary (Saunders) and Marina (French) trying to make clear that they consider themselves friends and supporters of the LGBTQ community, even if they couldn't quite get the acronym right.
Photo: BBC
French and Saunders as Gogglebox's Mary and Marina
On Twitter, the duo's Gogglebox spoofs drew plenty of praise, with one viewer branding their Mary and Marina "the most incredible thing I've ever seen." Check out a selection of reactions to the sketches below.
Last night's 300 Years of French and Saunders was a compilation show of new sketches and classic clips celebrating the duo's three decades of sketch comedy on the BBC. You can watch it now on BBC iPlayer.
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