Netflix Has Renewed This Spooky Series & It's A Big Deal

Photo: Courtesy of Julia Terjung/Netflix
The mystery of whether Netflix's harrowing thriller Dark would be renewed for a second season has finally been solved. Variety reports that the supernatural German series has been renewed for a second season, giving us hope that we'll finally learn if Noah, Winden's brooding priest, is truly evil or not. Plus, we'll also get the opportunity to further delve into the farfetched, but totally intriguing, physics that makes this work of science-fiction so appealing.
The 10-episode freshman season, for those who haven't seen it (don't worry, no spoilers here), follows the lives of those living in a small German town that's inundated with unexplainable deaths and disappearances every 33 years due to its proximity to a freakish wormhole. Throughout the season, fans follow the citizens of this otherwise quiet community into the past and future, all the while experiencing more devastation, loss, and disaster.
One interesting thing about Dark, that also makes it a bit more of a challenge to watch? The series is in German. While Netflix does offer an option for viewers to watch a dubbed version in English, Insider suggests watching in German with subtitles to have a better experience overall. Should you blink, you might miss out on a critical plot point.
While some may be intimidated by having to read along with quick dialogue, Netflix told Variety that Dark has been successful since its release on December 1 and is currently one of the streaming service's "most-watched entirely non-English shows." Specifically, Variety notes that the show is doing well in places like the U.S., Spain, France, and Brazil.
Kelly Luegenbiehl, Netflix's VP for international originals, told Variety that she attributes the show's worldwide success to its "great storytelling." This is more than just a marketing point; it's proof that non-English-speaking shows are worthy of a global stage and that people are hungry for different perspectives and more diverse representation.
Though not entirely in Spanish, the Netflix original Narcos is yet another example of why it's valuable to allow actors to speak the language of the country and characters they're depicting. Speaking Spanish in Colombia or German in Germany not only adds a layer of authenticity to a series, but it signals to other cultures that they're languages and stories, too, are important and should be told.

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