Wait, Is Danny Ocean Dead In Ocean's 8?

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
If you're like us, you've watched the newly-released trailer for Ocean's 8 at least once or 17 times. You've already made mental notes about which of their coats to scoop up at the next sample sale, and you've silently (or exuberantly) cheered whenever Rihanna appeared on the screen. But did you notice this tiny, and possibly hugely consequential detail?
There is a scene in which Sandra Bullock, who plays Debbie Ocean, is drinking a martini and sitting at a gravestone marked — wait, is that Danny Ocean? Danny Ocean, of course, was the protagonist of the original Ocean's trilogy and was played by George Clooney. Bullock plays his sister in the new film.
Do you see this? That definitely says Danny Ocean, 1961 — 2018. Excuse us, but does Danny Ocean die in Ocean's 8?
Ocean's 13, the last film to feature Danny Ocean, didn't end with any hints of his death. That said, the characters involved in the various heists are known for faking illness or their own deaths in order to further their schemes. If Danny Ocean is dead, it's possible that it is a ruse.
Also, it doesn't seem like Clooney will be appearing in Ocean's 8 — there's no casting announcement or rumours of a cameo. If Clooney is going to make an appearance in the new movie, it's a secret that must be highly under wraps. So if he's dead, we won't see it happen in the film, lending further credence to the faked-death theory.
We do know, however, that Matt Damon will reprise his role as master pickpocket Linus Caldwell. Carl Reiner also reappears as Saul Bloom, an elderly con artist. Why would these two characters show up in the new movie? We're hoping it's not because they are going to attend Danny's funeral, or inform Debbie of his passing.
Ocean's 8 opens in June 2018, and we can't wait.

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