The Women Of Ocean's 8 Are Here To Walk All Over You

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.
This morning, the Ocean's 8 teaser trailer finally dropped, and the 15-second clip basically screams "watch out Danny Ocean, there's a new gang in town." The teaser is full of quick cuts featuring the gang's eight women, and it's all set to "These Boots Are Made For Walkin." Though we still know almost nothing about the 2018 film, the teaser did provide some clues about the main characters and what's in store for the spinoff.
The teaser opens with Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock eating breakfast together, and Blanchett's character asks Bullock's, with a curious grin, "Why do you need to do this?" After that, there's flash after flash of Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter, Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling, Awkwafina, and Anne Hathaway. From those brief blips, we can only guess what role each of these impressive actresses is playing.
At the beginning of the teaser, Blanchett and Bullock appear to be hatching a plan, which leads us to believe they're leaders in the movie's main event, a Met Gala heist. In a quick clip that appears right after Blanchett poses the question that kickstarts the video, both women are seen confidently walking down a dark hall in unison. Together, they appear to be large and in charge.
Next, we see Rihanna, Bonham Carter, Paulson, and Kaling in quick succession. Each appears for about one second, so while we can't draw any definitive conclusions about their characters we can take some guesses.
In RiRi's one-second, she's shown holding tongs up in the air and clicking them as she speaks, perhaps trying to emphasize the statement as she tells someone off. Bonham Carter, dripping in sparkling earrings, examines an exquisite diamond necklace. This could be one of the items targeted in the heist, and maybe Bonham Carter's character is the jewel expert of the group.
Then there's Paulson, who is shown doing a double take from behind a pile of Keurig boxes. From this quick shot, we get the feeling she's pretty good at staking out a crime site.
Kaling's character, on the other hand, seems to have a very important behind-the-scenes role. She's shown in a sterile white shirt and apron surrounded by tools to work on what looks like that same diamond necklace from earlier in the teaser. Perhaps she's making a replica to use in the heist?
Though all the characters will most likely have some funny lines, based on this short teaser, Awkwafina is the one to watch if you're looking for some laughs. She's shown making a hilariously goofy face in her 1-second cameo, which is no surprise given her comedy background. As for Hathaway, her two moments to shine show her giving a sultry hair toss and slapping a man across the face.
The 15-second teaser ends with Bullock finally answering Blanchett's first question. The response to "Why do you need to do this?" is "Cause it's what I'm good at." With this line, Bullock cements her place as the leader of this sly bunch, and her character name Debbie Ocean confirms that.
The teaser may not have given us many concrete details about the 2018 crime thriller, but that clearly can't stop us from theorizing. When you're this excited about a movie, it's hard not to. Luckily, though, we'll have more than just our theories very soon because the first official trailer for Ocean's 8 will be released tomorrow. In no time, we'll know more than what these one second GIFs have to offer.

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