This New Show Is American Horror Story Meets Frozen

Photo: Courtesy of AMC
If you're one of those people who think snow is more inconvenient than magical, this new horror series will make you go "same." AMC has just released a trailer for its upcoming series The Terror, and it's sort of like what would happen if American Horror Story did a crossover season with the movie Frozen.
The Terror, according to Deadline, is executive produced by Ridley Scott and based on the best-selling novel by Dan Simmons on the same name. It's also, apparently, inspired by the true story of the Royal Navy as they attempt to discover the Northwest Passage.
According to, the Northwest Passage was previously inaccessible due to sea ice. The past few years have seen a melting of said ice, allowing travellers to pass through the route. However, The Terror takes place around 1845, a time when the crew would have had no idea of the dangerous elements they would face on that specific journey.
I hope everyone packed a warm parka.
The trailer teases that the Royal Navy's ship will get stuck on a sheet of ice, which plunges the crew into utter chaos. Not only will the men have to deal with the frozen tundra surrounding their ship, they will also have to find a way to get along and not kill each other, despite their dwindling resources and hope.
From the look of the trailer, it doesn't seem like the crew of the Royal Navy is doing too well with that. The series teases lots of blood in the snow, a particularly eerie hole in the middle of the ice that could be someone's final resting place, and a man who has had the bottom half of his body cut off.
It's not pretty.
Check out the chilling new trailer below:
You can catch The Terror on AMC when it premieres on 26th March.

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