Rejoice! We Finally Have An Update On Master Of None Season 3

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Master of None just received a Golden Globe nomination for best comedy series, and fans couldn't be more excited. But as we bust out our best dance moves — inspired, of course, by Aziz Ansari (Dev) and Alessandra Mastronardi (Francesca) — there's one question that remains unanswered: Allora? What happens next?
Both Ansari and co-creator and executive producer Alan Yang have been pretty tight-lipped about the future of the series, taking moments like the Emmys and the Golden Globes nominations to reflect on the importance of celebrating diversity on TV. Try as they might, reporters always inquire about the future of the series and if fans can ever expect a third season.
Back in August, Ansari made it clear to GQ magazine that he wasn't prepared to get to work on the series because "his life has not progressed enough" to inspire binge-worthy material. The quote instantly sparked anxiety amongst fans who assumed that the project would be put on the back burner indefinitely, but, according Yang's recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, there's still reason to have hope.
"Aziz and I talk a lot. Obviously, we're friends as well, so we're always chatting," Yang said. "Basically, our standard is the same as it was in between seasons 1 and 2, which is we want to do the show if we have something that we're excited about, as we were for season 1 and season 2."
Yang continued to state that they're taking the same approach for season 3 because they they want to ensure they settle on "ideas that we're really passionate about and can really see throwing ourselves into it." For now, he said, they're going to continue to talk and pull from "our actual experiences and personal lives," in the hope that something sticks out.
While it's frustrating as a fan to have to wait months and possibly years for confirmation on a series release, it's refreshing to see artists take their work so seriously. Often, there's so much pressure for people to rush and release new content (ahem, George R.R. Martin) with little thought given to just how emotionally, mentally, and physically taxing that might be for the artists involved.
Hopefully, by taking the time to ruminate on lived experiences, Ansari and Yang will find a way to answer some of our most pressing questions from the season 2 finale. Mainly: "Are Dev and Francesca together or what?"

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