The Perfect Holiday Presents For Every TV Fanatic You Know

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As the days start getting colder and night starts arriving earlier, there's only one true refuge: television. What's better than the warmth of your cosiest blanket and the hot drama of shows like Riverdale and This Is Us? Nothing, that's what. So, by the time the holidays officially arrive, we'll all be more obsessed than ever with our favourite series.
To celebrate this fact, give your loved ones gifts inspired by all the shows they're already spending so much of their time with. Since holiday shopping gets more daunting every year, we picked out the perfect gift for every type of fan. Whether your best friend is bingeing Stranger Things once again or your partner can't get enough of Game Of Thrones, we've found the perfect present for them.
Keep reading to see what you'll be purchasing this holiday season. These picks are so good, we bet some of them will end up under your tree reading "From: Me. To: Me #TreatYourself."
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For The 13 Reasons Why Fan

The surprise Netflix hit might be dark and tragic, but, at its heart, 13 Reasons Why is also a reminder to truly listen to the people around you — the people who might be quietly hurting.

If you love someone who loves the Selena Gomez-produced series for that major takeaway, this necklace, with a cassette tape and microphone, would mean the world to them.

Available on Etsy.
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For The Game Of Thrones Fan

Not everything Thrones has to be over-the-top and obvious. Instead, let your loved one shout out their status as the real Mother Of Dragons with these 3D dragon art pieces.

Available on Etsy.
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For The Punny Game Of Thrones Fan

Everyone needs a good holiday sweater and there’s none better than one with Jon Snow (Kit Harington) on it...

Available on Etsy.
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For The Riverdale Fan

… Okay, this repurposed use of Jughead Jones’ (Cole Sprouse) most infamous quote is pretty great, too.

Available on Being Human.
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For The Strangers Thing Fan

If I’m being honest with you, this multi-coloured lamp masquerading as a Stranger Things VHS tape is my favourite gift in this entire guide. It’s literally so wonderful.

Available on Etsy.
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For The Keeping Up With The Kardashians Fan

A true KUWTK fan knows there’s nothing more iconic than the Kardashian family’s salads. Now your loved one can eat like a Kardashian too with identical clear reusable bowls.

Get on Amazon.
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For The This Is Us Fan

I’m a lifelong New York Giants fan and even I have a Terrible Towel hanging out on my desk to show my This Is Us love. I suspect the This fan in your life would also like to rep the show that makes them cry every week.

Available the NFL Shop website.
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For The Real Housewives Of New York Fan

Anyone who loves RHONY queen bee Bethenny Frankel knows the Bravolebrity had been doing nonstop charitable work to help the victims of the many recent natural disasters plaguing the world.

A donation in your RHONY-obsessed pal’s name is the sweetest gesture of the year.

Available on the B Strong website.
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For The Scandal Fan

Let your Scandal-loving friend watch their favorite show in the way Olivia Pope always intended: with some impossibly large wine goblets fit for Miss Pope herself.

And, if your loved one is like the choosy Olivia, it’s probably best to leave the vino picking to them.

Available on Amazon.
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For The Walking Dead Fan

Speaking of wine, your Walking Dead-watching pal will love the limited-edition vino inspired by their beloved zombie drama.

Available on Lot18.
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For The Grey’s Anatomy Fan

Only hand over this keychain to the Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) to your Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo).

Available on Etsy.
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For The Handmaid’s Tale Fan

In these troubled times, there’s no better time to remember to #Resist. And, when you buy this print, the Etsy shop promises to donate $2 to the ACLU.

Available on Etsy.
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For The Jane The Virgin Fan

It's here, it's actually here! Jane Gloriana Villanueva's debut novel Snow Falling is a real, live book you can purchase. And, there are even appearances by Jane's beloved narrator.

Available on Amazon.
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For The Mindy Project Fan

If you’re going to work out, why not channel Mindy Lahiri’s warrior alter-ego while you’re at it?

Available on Look Human.
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For The Insecure Fan

I can’t be the only one who was jealous of the uber-trendy pool float Issa Dee (Issa Rae) was lounging in for all of those Insecure season 2 promotional photos.

(But, if I am the only one, there are also these We Got Y'all t-shirts available for purchase)

Available on Amazon.
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For The Bachelor Nation Fan

Look, every member of Bachelor Nation has seen Bachelorette and Bachelor stars’ FabFitFun Instagram #sponcon. We're all wondering about the subscription box, but, we might not all buy it for ourselves because, you know, rent is a thing.

Do your Bachelor National friend a favor and put an end to their curiosity.

Available on FabFitFun.
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For The UnReal Fan

Since you might not want to tattoo Rachel Goldberg (Shiri Appleby) and Quinn King’s (Constance Zimmer) mantra to yours and your best friend’s bodies, might we recommend a nice wall tapestry? That way no one will ever forget what truly matters.

Available on Redbubble.
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For The Doctor Who Fan

My wonderful Whovian colleague Elena Nicolaou recommended this Doctor Who pen-slash-sonic screwdriver, and it is in fact perfect.

Available on Amazon.
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For The Outlander Fan

Your No. 1 sassenach can color in Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) abs. What more do I have to say?

Available on Amazon.
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For The Sex & The City Forever Fan

I couldn’t help but wonder, “Will only the true SATC fan get this deep-cut (and beautiful) reference?”

Available on Etsy.
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For The Saturday Night Live Fan

This vintage-inspired poster screams, “David S. Pumpkins, but make it art.”

Available on Redbubble.
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For The Good Place Fan

If your loved one is going to rep The Good Place, they should be reminding the world of the many, many, many ridiculously good pun restaurant names the NBC show comes up with. This T-shirt will put them on that road.

Available on Redbubble.
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For The Westworld Fan

These coasters are basically the best way to help someone make a nod towards Westworld in their home without forcing them to plaster the Delos Inc. insignia on their windows.

Available on Etsy.
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For The Black Mirror Fan

Since we can’t get to San Junipero just yet, let your loved ones pretend “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” already with a set of these postcards.

Available on
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For The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Fan

The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend viewer deserves to enjoy their favorite show with a jumbo pretzel of their own making. Now, that’s possible.

Available on Amazon.
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For The Arrowverse Fan

If this sweatshirt is good enough for Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), it’s good enough for an Arrowverse fan.

Available on Etsy.
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For The Pretty Little Liars Fan

R29’s official PLL expert Kaitlin Reilly confirmed a Scrabble letter initial necklace just like Spencer Hastings’ (Troian Bellisario) is at the top of her Rosewood-related holiday wish list.

Available on Etsy.
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For The American Horror Story Fan

While I assume many people would be freaked out by a key fob referencing AHS: Hotel’s most haunted room, the prospective present would probably just excite the tried and true American Horror Story fan.

Available on Etsy.
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For The Broad City Fan

Hopefully your loved one will remember their day with their stuffed Bingo a little bit better than Abby Abrams (Abbi Jacobson) does.

Available on Fab.
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For The Vanderpump Rules Fan

After watching the Pump Rules crew on Bravo for years, it’s high time your SUR-loving friend saw this cast of characters in real life. A gift card to the West Hollywood pumptini palace is the perfect way to make that happen.

Available on the SUR website.
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For The Dear White People Fan

The book companion for Dear White People (The Movie) has a chapter entitled, “We Don’t Know Why Kanye West Did That.” For this fact alone it is the perfect gift.

Available on Amazon.
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For The Fiona The Hippo Fan

Fiona has a television show, so this counts.

Available on the Cincinnati Zoo website.

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