Twitter Has Thoughts On Who Should Be Time’s Person Of The Year

Time magazine will crown its 2017 Person Of The Year on December 6, and the whole Internet is eager to see the results. We know it’s not going to be Donald Trump, since he totally declined Time’s offer because it “probably is no good.” Other than that, though, the field is wide open.
On Wednesday, BuzzFeed’s AM to DM show asked the noble denizens of Twitter for their suggestions as to who should be crowned Time’s Person Of The Year for 2017, and the people did not disappoint.
Unsurprisingly, the Navy pilot who drew a dick in the sky made the list, as did the previously unknown Twitter employee who deleted Donald Trump’s account on his last day at work. (The patriot who gave us 11 minutes of Trump-less Twitter was identified today; according to TechCrunch, his name is Bahtiyar Duysak.)
Some Twitter users chose to nominate personal heroes, including Guy Fieri and a rescue cat named Sean.
According to Time magazine’s online poll, the current frontrunner for 2017’s Person of The Year is Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad Bin Salman. Personally, my vote goes to the guy from the “distracted boyfriend” meme.
Either him, or dogs.