This Harry Potter Advent Calendar Is Dobby's Dream Gift

Sometimes it's the countdown to the holidays that is just as fun as the holidays themselves. For those celebrating Christmas, advent calendars can be one way to gear you up for 25th December, because it's hard to be stressed about the holidays while treating yourself to, say, a piece of chocolate or even a mini bottle of wine.
Yet food is not the only thing making an appearance in calendar form this holiday season: This new Harry Potter-themed advent calendar is full of socks, and is perfect for the house elf in your life. (Or, you know, your Hogwarts-loving friend.)
Per Good Housekeeping, this Harry Potter calendar is the ideal way to get your fix of novelty socks inspired by your favourite witches and wizards. One of the socks is a cartoon version of Harry Potter himself. Another has "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," for everyone still waiting on their acceptance letter to the magical boarding school. A third simply says "Muggle" across two socks, for when you're feeling like repping your boring, non-magical human life. We won't judge.
The calendar, which is available at Target (which now ships to the UK!), features 12 pairs of socks in total, which is pretty fantastic for the price, since the calendar will run you only £12.16. That's more than enough of a reason to pick up an extra for a loved one.
People are definitely excited:
"TARGET ALSO [HAS] A HARRY POTTER SOCK ADVENT CALENDAR YALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!," wrote one stoked fan.
Socks also have a unique place within the Harry Potter universe. House elves can only be freed from their masters when they are presented with the gift of a sock. Dobby, the house elf who attempts to warn Harry of dangers in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, is freed from the Malfoy household when he interprets that Lucius has given him a single sock.
Harry Potter 12 Days Of Socks, £12.16 + shipping, available at Target.
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