This Game Of Thrones Couple Reunited & It Feels So Good

Game of Thrones has 'shipped more than its fair share of favourite couples. Though perhaps no ‘ship is more memorable than Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo, played by Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa. Lucky for fans the two are still pals in real life.
On Sunday, Clarke shared an adorable Instagram of herself and Momoa reuniting. It seems Khaleesi’s Sun and Stars is back temporarily in her life and a few “gins” were involved.
What’s Dothraki for too freaking adorable?
“When life is so good that your sun and stars is in your loose [sic] your eyes and gain 5 grins,” she captioned the photo. In the image, Clarke’s grin engulfs her face so much that her eyes appear closed. Meanwhile, Momoa is mid-laugh.
“You always Mother of Dragons [sic] main man,” she also said. Aha! We knew it. You’re just a circumstantial relationship, Jon Snow.
It isn’t the first time the two have shown major affection on Instagram. Back in 2016, Moma mentioned that he loved watching Dany "fuck shit up" on Game of Thrones. As do we all!
Momoa’s real life wife, actress Lisa Bonet, is fairly private and only occasionally makes the odd appearance on the Aquaman star’s Insta, so it's easy to keep on 'shipping this couple.
We'd be remiss not to mention Game of Thrones’ controversial first season, where this coupling happened — particularly at the circumstances in which they were married. In case you’ve forgotten, they didn't have the healthiest of relationships at first. His character, in fact, raped hers after their wedding. Dany finally addressed it, along with how she was traded like a "brood mare" in season 7. The duo had a happy relationship as time went on, but the bad boss Dany we've got now makes it clear that her treatment at the hands of men, including her husband, was not okay.
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