Twitter Is Renaming Films With A Millennial Twist

Has there been any generation as simultaneously celebrated and maligned as Millennials? Probably not, and new Twitter hashtag trend #MillennialAMovie is proof that people can't stop, won't stop talking about all things the post-Gen X generation loves, loathes, and leans into.
On Wednesday morning, Twitter account @HashtagRoundup asked users to #MillennialAMovie. Without much context, users began flooding the social media platform with tweaks to famous movie titles to make it a little bit more appropriate for the generation that sunk the real estate market with avocado toast. (Yeah, the passion for a particular fruit is definitely why Millennials aren't homeowners. Makes sense.)
Some tweeted out puns related to Millennial love of social media.
"Never Ending Instagram Story #MillennialAMovie," suggested one user.
"I Know What You Did Every Second #MillennialAMovie," joked another, along with a very appropriate GIF of Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Another reminded us of the complications of Tinder: "The Empire Swipes Left #MillennialAMovie."
Then there were the people who went full-on foodie with the hashtag:
"You've Got Kale #millennialamovie."
We do. We have so much kale. Too much kale? Your call.
"'I ate his liver with some avocado toast and a nice cinnamon latte.' #MillennialAMovie," tweeted a Twitter user, echoing the infamous line from Silence of the Lambs.
I'm particularly enjoying (?) these miscellaneous Millennial tweets.
"Get Rich or Die Trying to Pay Off Student Loans. #MillennialAMovie"
"Indiana Jones and the Search for an Entry Level Job #MillennialAMovie"
"Star Wars: A New Hope, Who Dis? #MillennialAMovie."
Then, of course, there were plenty of trolls crapping on Millennials for "ruining" everything with their "PC culture" and aggressive inclusivity. You can look those up on your own time. This Millennial literally can't even.

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