This Is How You Get Cast On Stranger Things, According To The Show's New Star

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
All of your favourites are returning for season 2 of Stranger Things (except for Barb, of course), but it's one of the Netflix series' newcomers that you may want to keep your eye on.
Power Rangers star Dacre Montgomery has joined the series as Billy, a mullet-rocking bully who seems plucked right out of a classic '80s high school flick. Billy might not be quite as sweet as, say, Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) or even Steve (Joe Keery), but he's certainly entertaining in his villainy.
So how did Montgomery score the coveted Stranger Things role? According to Refinery29's interview with the actor at the Netflix press junket on Sunday, it's all thanks to Duran Duran.
"I made a little short film, with an opening score and title credits and I read both of the scenes I was given...I danced in a g-string to 'Hungry Like The Wolf' [by Duran Duran]."
With that, the Duffer Brothers knew that they had found their Billy.
"It was kind of crazy. I got a call, and I was supposed to do a test the next week. I Skyped the Duffer Brothers on Sunday and got a call on Monday that I got the part. So I was in Australia, and three weeks later I moved to America."
For the record, yes: Montgomery is aware that things could have gone in a totally different direction.
"I'm a fan of going against the grain. That audition could have gone one of two ways. I could have never worked in this industry again, but someone, somewhere, saw something."
Billy may seem like your typical '80s jerk, but Montgomery insists that there's something deeper to his character than just cruelty to his sister Max (Sadie Sink) and jean jackets.
"I think he's misunderstood," Montgomery reveals to Refinery29.
"He's humanised a bit, in episode 8. It becomes more evident why he is the way he is."
One part of playing Billy that didn't bother Montgomery one bit? His questionable choice of hair styles. When asked how it felt to rock the blonde mullet, the actor said he was all for it.
"It was fantastic. I spent a lot of time in the makeup and hair trailer with my friends. I like it. It's the 'moo-lay,' as the Kiwis are calling it...I really liked it," Montgomery tells Refinery29. "[It was really my hair] on top and on the sides, it was a wig. I can't grow anything as lush as [Joe Keery's hair.]"
He's even thinking about Billy's look for the next season of Stranger Things, should he return.
"We have many future ideas we've tossed around about Billy's future. Maybe more chest hair in season 3."

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