Kirsten Dunst Just Dragged A Fan On Twitter In The Best Possible Way

Photo: Jen Lowery/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock.
If you are a regular person, you certainly don't expect that the celebrities you mention on social media ever to see your words. You might as well be speaking to them on TV from your sofa, right? Then, every once in a while, a celebrity takes you by surprise and responds — as Kirsten Dunst just did, fulfilling the fantasy of a fan.
"I'd say my biggest dream is telling Kirsten Dunst I'm a huge fan only for her to mutter 'Pathetic' and walk away," Virtel wrote in a tweet earlier this week, and he didn't even @ mention the actress. But somehow just a few hours later, Dunst replied to him: "Pathetic."
"Honored. And now I have no dreams left!" Virtel quipped.
At this point, we should note that Virtel isn't really exactly regular a person. He's a pop culture writer, podcaster, and Youtube star, with more than 50,000 Twitter followers, and he has also written for TV shows such as Throwing Shade. He made headlines last year, when for some reason, Republicans in the House of Representatives decided to use a GIF of Virtel snapping his fingers on Jeopardy to announce their Snapchat coverage of the State of the Union address. He promptly took to Twitter to denounce their use of his image.
Still, Dunst follows only 127 people on Twitter, most of whom are other famous people, so it's hard to imagine how she saw Virtel's idle wish. The fact that she found it makes us wonder if she was searching on her own name. That's not something most celebs will admit to doing, owing to the heaps of awful gossip and negativity they might find. But if this is a regular habit of hers, well, um ... Hi, Kirsten Dunst!
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