Demi Lovato Reveals The Moment She Fell In Love With Joe Jonas

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Demi Lovato's YouTube documentary, Simply Complicated, doesn't come out until next week. But if the clips we've seen so far are any indication, the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer is going to address her past head-on in the film.
That includes dealing with her lowest points, including a two-month "bender" around the time she punched one of her backup dancers in the face. But not all of her past memories are bad. In a new video posted to her YouTube channel, Lovato looks back on her Camp Rock days — and it's clear there are a lot of positive things she has to look back on.
While watching the old videos, Lovato revealed to her friends that there was one specific moment in Camp Rock where she fell in love with Joe Jonas in real life. It's a scene when the pair's characters are standing by the water, instruments in hand.
Lovato also revealed that when she and Jonas did start dating, their first kiss was actually on camera, during Camp Rock 2. They only dated for a month, she explains, but hey — when you're young, that can be a lot of time. And Lovato's face while she watches the kiss scene shows that they had a real connection.
The video starts way before Camp Rock, though. Lovato went all the way back to 2000, when she was in the Texas State Cinderella Mini Miss preliminary competition. It turns out, she still remembers some of the moves she had to do during the contest. Which she won, obviously. Sadly, though, there aren't any clips from Lovato's time on Barney & Friends included in the montage.
"I love my past," Lovato says in the video. And for Disney Channel fans, it's great to see there's still a soft spot in her heart for those early days. Check out the sweet clip below.
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