Kim Cattrall Says Samantha Was Her Hero, But It's Time To Let It Go

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Kim Cattrall has made it very clear that she’s not interested in being in another Sex and the City movie, but recently she explained exactly why through a fairly unconventional channel, Instagram comments. According to People, Cattrall replied to someone’s comment on a photo posted by an account called everyoutfitonsatc, and got very real about moving on from the SATC franchise.
Under a photo recently posted by the account, a commenter wrote, "Kim find a way for a third sex and the city please. you are all looking so great." To that, Cattrall responded with an eloquent and authentic paragraph. According to People, she wrote, "I can’t. My heart isn’t in it anymore. I’ve moved on. 61 isn’t 53 or 41. I have learned so much from our Sam. She was my hero but I want to rest & not work as much as I have been doing for years. I want a less hectic live. My decision reflects where I am in my life & I can’t change that without being unhappy. I hope you’ll understand. Kim."
This heartfelt explanation from the actress who portrayed Samantha Jones in six television seasons and two feature films comes after Sarah Jessica Parker officially announced a third SATC movie would not happen just last week. Soon after SJP expressed her disappointment that the project had been squashed, people began pointing fingers at Kim Cattrall as the reason why the movie was not going to get made. Specifically, rumours surfaced that she had too many complicated demands about the project that led things to stall. In response to that, Cattrall tweeted, "The only 'DEMAND' I ever made was that I didn't want to do 3rd film....& that was back in 2016."
After Kim Cattrall cleared things up in her long note on Instagram, another user commented and perfectly summed up our feelings about the situation. The comment read, "We love you Kim! You are the shit! You don't owe anyone a 3rd movie." It's true, she doesn't owe us anything, and she should feel free to live her life as she pleases. Plus, let's be real, after the atrocity that was SATC 2, she did us all a favour.

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