The Best Films To Stream This Halloween, If You Dare

It's October, and everything is officially spooky. The aisles of CVS are draped with fake cobwebs. Pop-up stores with rows upon rows of costumes are revived like zombies for one month only, there to fulfil their part in the supply and demand chain. Grown adults are relishing their sole opportunity to play a very elaborate game of dress-up.
Halloween is also the only time of year when watching a scary movie feels almost obligatory. Luckily, scary movies come in degrees of intensity. If you're a wimp like me, you'll opt for Practical Magic — a romantic comedy about witches, featuring zero jump scares — and sleep restfully, without fear of monsters under the bed. Or, you can get some candy, and gather some friends, and go for something spookier.
Netflix has a whole host of movies perfect for the Halloween season, ranging from cheesy favourites to downright terrifying scream-fests. Unfortunately, we've all long graduated from the days of trick-or-treating. This Halloween, we'll have to settle for Netflix and chilling instead.
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