Sorry, But Ally Is Totally Joining Kai's Cult On American Horror Story

Photo: Frank Ockenfels/FX
Perhaps the scariest thing about American Horror Story: Cult is that it doesn't involve the ghost of Edward Mordrake or a blood-sucking Lady Gaga. Instead, the scariest person on the series is Evan Peters' blue-haired character Kai, who has already convinced a group of desperate individuals to commit murder in clown costumes. Now it seems he will pick up another follower before the season is out. Sarah Paulson's Ally will join Kai's clown cult, and it might be one reprieve we get from her perpetually shrieking.
Right now, Ally seems the least likely to join Kai's cult. She's super suspicious of the green gas being pumped into the streets via unmarked truck, and is convinced that something terrible is going on in her neighbourhood. (To be fair, it is. People are being murdered by clowns! Get onboard, America!) However, according to Peters' interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ally won't be immune to the cult's creepy ways. In fact, she'll come to love Kai, in all his man-bun, Manson-esque glory.
"Ally is very special to Kai because she is terrified of a lot and has phobia, the worst kind of fear...It’s a challenge for Kai to maybe take her in and make her the queen, his right-hand woman," Peters told THR. "There’s something special and bewitching about her, where he sees her as an integral part of his master plan. Almost a heaven-sent figure."
He added:
"It definitely goes into a strange, odd, combative but loving relationship — if that makes any sense."
The relationship makes no sense yet, but this isn't the first time fans were told that Ally and Kai have a special connection. In fact, before American Horror Story: Cult premiered, creator Ryan Murphy shared a fan drawing that seemed to indicate a romance between Ally and Kai.
"Ally and Kai in CULT... a love story for the ages," Murphy wrote on Instagram.

Ally and Kai in CULT...a love story for the ages.

A post shared by Ryan Murphy (@mrrpmurphy) on

Personally? I don't get it...but there's a lot to unpack in this season of AHS. Kai and Ally's complicated relationship is right up there with whatever Winter's deal is.

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