The Next Ryan Gosling & Britney Spears Are Here—In This Year's Mickey Mouse Club

It's been an astonishing 24 years since Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling all joined the Mickey Mouse Club, though the star power of that iconic quartet will live on in our memories forever. After all, who could forget the time Justin and Britney blessed us with an exquisitely 90's rendition of I'll Take You There? Not to to mention Ryan's heart-melting solo in this performance of Cry For You? Looking back, his Oscar-nominated crooning in LaLa Land is really no surprise.
So if you're feeling as nostalgic for those glory days of the Mickey Mouse Club as we are, look no further than its current (and irresistibly talented) freshman class of Mouseketeers. What really sets apart this year's new recruits — who you can watch on the Club Mickey Mouse Facebook and Instagram — is their groundbreaking investment in inclusivity. As Sean Oliu, one of the group's fresh faces, tells us, "[w]hat's great about Club Mickey Mouse and how it's been formed now, we have such diversity in our cast. There's somebody that any kid who's watching can connect to. I think that is super important." We couldn't agree more. Meet all the fresh Mouseketeers in the video above. We're pretty confident there're a few future mega-stars in the bunch.
And once you've been introduced to the gang, play along with them in an epic Disney music trivia throw-down, above. From Selena Gomez to Demi Lovato, we'd forgotten just how many of our favourite pop culture anthems come from former Disney stars. There's a few of those classic, unforgettable tunes, courtesy of the animated films, we've been singing along to for a casual 20 years in the mix, too. Catch the full game above.
Spoiler: we can't promise you won't be humming these for the rest of the week.
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