Jordyn Woods Is The True Star Of Life Of Kylie

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I wish that every Kylie Jenner in the world has a Jordyn Woods to support them, cheer them on, and hang out with them endlessly. In the fifth episode of Life of Kylie, "Met Gala," my long standing theory about Kylie's best friend was solidifiedJordyn is the realest person in all of Calabasas, and the true star of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians spin-off series. Jordyn is therapist in Yeezy, and is serious best friend goals. Her unfiltered responses to the producer's probing questions are not only honest, but incredibly mature. She is a breath of authentic fresh air on a show that is dripping with materialism.
No shade to Kylie, but there is no way that she could carry this show on her own — the most revealing moment we had in this episode was a cryptic and frustrating exchange between her and a producer regarding a "Thing" in Kylie's life that she doesn't want to talk about or comment on. That "Thing"? It's a new man in her life (rapper Travis Scott) and it just makes things awkward. It's called Life of Kylie, the producer subtly reminds her. She grins and responds: “I like to keep it sacred. I like to keep it between me and one other person, not the rest of the world. No, thanks.” The lack of transparency offered by Kylie is a complete 180 from the vulnerable conversations her best friend has had with producers. Tonight, Jordyn, seated in the backseat of a car headed to the airport (she is finally doing something for herself and going to a modelling shoot in Canada sans Kylie) tells the cameras that she often worries about how intertwined her life is with Kylie's. And unlike the first episode where the two joked about being "married", Jordyn seemed legitimately worried about the repercussions of investing so much time and energy into the life of someone who would drop her in a minute for a new romance. Kylie's remarks that Jordyn isn't good about airing her emotions — referring to her reluctance to talk about her father who recently (and unexpectedly) passed away — saying, "She keeps everything inside and doesn’t talk about her feelings a lot. She hasn’t fully coped with it because she never faces it."
But after seeing the two girls separately, it doesn't seem like Jordyn has issues at all with talking bluntly about her feelings. Kylie is too wrapped up in herself to adequately return the attention Jordyn gives her on a daily basis. This kind of life lesson about how to build, retain, and endure long friendships is something a lot deeper and bigger than one would expect to see on a reality show about Kylie Jenner.
The episode ends with Kylie freaking out because she doesn't have any friends on the red carpet of the Met Gala yet (she calls up Kendall, Kim, and Jaden Smith who remarks that he is not a "real person" right now). Meanwhile, Jordyn's still in the car, telling the camera "you can't take anything for granted. Say one day Kylie wasn’t in my life anymore…when will ever have time to build myself?" Build yourself Jordyn, but never change.
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