The Haunting Connection Between Ned Stark & His Kids' Fates

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
No one can say watching Game of Thrones is a passive activity. In these days leading up to the season finale, fans are uncovering layer after layer of meaning in everything the characters have done and said — and in some cases, what they have yet to say. One such exploration involves a quote of a quote that was used in a trailer for season 7 (got that?). Some say it explains what will happen to the Stark children, and may even foretell who dies.
"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives," Sansa (Sophie Turner) says in the trailer. As Marie Claire explains, she was quoting what her late father Ned Stark told Arya in the very first episode of the series.
Coming from Ned, that sentence seemed to be nothing more than a father poetically telling his daughter that a family should stick together. Little did he know that what he said might happen literally, both to wolves and to his children.
Marie Claire's writer, along with theorists on Reddit, have read more into the fact that Sansa hasn't actually said those words on the show yet. That voiceover could have just been for the sake of the trailer, but the prevailing wisdom is that she will say it in the last episode. Then the question is whether this means that one of the Starks, Arya or Sansa in particular, will die. Or maybe it's Jon Snow, the Stark who isn't really a Stark? Some on Reddit think it's Littlefinger or Benjen Stark.
Or none of them could die and this could still be about giving the family a pep talk before they face a common enemy. We like that. No more dead Starks, please.
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