How Will The White Walkers Get Past The Wall On Game Of Thrones?

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Jon Snow has made it very clear that he doesn't care who sits on the Iron Throne. He's just worried about stopping the White Walkers from making it past the wall. Fans of Game of Thrones may question why he's so scared of the Night King and his army making it over The Wall. After all, this is a magical wall.
Luckily, Game Of Thrones The Podcast by Bald Move has a theory on how the White Walkers will get past the wall. It's one that may even have you shaking in your fur-lined boots like the King Of The North.
In the podcast's latest episode, "Eastwatch— SpoiLore Editon" — hosts Jim and A.Ron chat about how the wights could cross the wall. Despite the fact that the White Walkers can't go south of the wall. Benjen told Bran and Meera last season it's because ancient spells were carved into its foundation so the dead can't pass.
As the podcasters point out, though, we've already seen wights beyond the wall in Season 1. Jon Snow kills it with Jeor Mormont's torch after it comes back to life in Castle Black. It got there because someone dragged it through the gate believing it was dead, only to have it come back to life. The White Walkers might not be able to cross the wall on their own volition, but they can cross the wall with someone's help. That means if someone allows them in, they could essentially get past the wall.
"A wight cannot choose to cross the barrier themselves," the hosts explain. "But if someone is foolish enough to take it south, it's not like it's going to get vaporised by someone else bringing it."
Right now, the podcast makes clear we don't know exactly how the White Walkers can reanimate themselves once crossing The Wall. Can the White Walkers go into "shutdown mode"? Can the Night King "raise them from a distance"? Your guess is as good as theirs, though, it is fun to theorise, isn't it?
What we should prepare ourselves for is those White Walkers breaching the wall somehow, some way. In fact, one of the season 7 teaser trailers hinted that the wall would be coming down. You may have missed it, though, since this clue is hidden in the Night King's eye.
Bran might have given the White Walkers a way in after the Night King marked him last season. Basically, that mark negated all the magic that would keep them beyond the wall. Someone on Reddit noted that Bran the Builder is the one who built the wall, but Bran Stark may be the one who destroys it.
"Bran the builder built the wall," user Probable Walrus wrote. "Now with that mark Bran is going to pass beyond the wall and nullify the magic of it tearing the wall down. Bran the Breaker." Thanks a lot Bran!
Or, the White Walkers might just walk around the wall since it seems climate change is having an effect on the Seven Kingdoms, too. Maybe even a deadly one.
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