The Latest Game Of Thrones Trailer Hides An Interesting Easter Egg About The Wall

By now you've seen the trailer for Game Of Thrones Season 7. You've watched it over and over again trying to pick up the clues in a teaser that says little — actually, literally, nothing, since there's no dialogue just the foreboding soundtrack of James' "Sit Down" — but hints at what could be in store for Jon Snow, Khaleesi and Cersei.
Fans were specifically focused on the meaning of the final shot that show Cersei breathing out a cloud of cold air before zooming in on the eye of the most important White Walker, the Night King. But it seems most of us missed a particularly important Easter Egg hiding in that eye of his.
Mashable reported that a super sleuth on Reddit named FacelessGreensear did their own zooming in on the eye and believes there lies a vision of The Wall hiding in that baby blue. Particularly, a shot of it coming down. Crazy, right?
Well, to prove he's not, FacelessGreensear posted the image of the eye on Imgur in which he circled where he thinks the Wall seems to be. Not to mention pointing out that the White Walker's lower lid seems to be lined with fire. Zoom in for yourself and it's hard to deny that it does appear to be an image of something, perhaps the Wall with a crack down the middle?
Others on Reddit were quick to call the post out. "I think you're reading too much into this," one user wrote. Another wrote, "Oh god, we're in final season of Breaking Bad mode. Analyzing every small detail." Others seemed to see different things in the eye, including a "bear face" and "wolf face," the sigils of House Mormont and House Stark, or maybe the Iron Throne. Turns out, the Night King's eye may also be a Magic Eye poster, who knows.
If it is, in fact, The Wall though, and let's not hold our breathe from someone from the show to confirm whether it is or not, this means the Night King has a front row seat to The Wall's demise. If the magical Wall comes down, we're definitely in store for an epic battle. Not to mention all the theories we're going to see about how the Wall comes down. Did the Night King do it on his own? Did Bran bring it down? So. Many. Questions.
Of course, it could be a red herring; a way for the makers of Game Of Thrones to keep us occupied in the lead-up to the July 16 premiere. We've been fooled before — hello, we watched ice melt for them. It's hard to believe those images in his eye don't mean something. Luckily, Reddit has a few months to get to the bottom of this.

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