Game Of Thrones Trolled Fans & The Internet Is Livid

Game Of Thrones tried to turn its announcement of the season 7 premiere date into an epic event but it ended up being an epic fail. Like most internet fails, though, it also gave us some amazing tweets.
To reveal when the new season of GOT would finally return, the HBO series leaned into its ice and fire theme. They asked fans to help them melt a large block of ice on Facebook Live by typing in "fire."
In theory, this idea was a good one, allowing them to stay very much on-brand but unfortunately, that big block of ice really didn't want to melt no matter how many flamethrowers they used. The internet also didn't want to cooperate. Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that the video went down due to a glitch with Facebook and the standard length for a Facebook Live event was not a factor.
The feed blacked out twice leaving fans feeling like they had been tricked into watching ice melt for an hour, which they kind of had. To cope with the pain, fans came up with some fire takes of their own on the whole announcement, including why HBO was probably rethinking this strategy.
"Someone at HBO right now is like, 'Shit, maybe we shouldn’t have put the premiere date in quite so big a block of ice,'" one fan wrote.
Another tweeted, "Game of Thrones: contributing to global warming one release date at a time."
One fan wanted the ice to melt so badly she was "craving the sweet release of death." While another believed this was a sign of the times.
"Welcome to 2017," she wrote. "Where over 100,000 people are watching a live stream of ice melting to reveal the premiere date for #GOTS7."
The best, though, may have been one from someone going by Brienne of Tarth: "Next year, @HBO, a press release will do."
Oh, by the way, Game Of Thrones will return July 16.

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