Jon Snow Is Finally Going To Meet A Dragon — & It's Emotional

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Are you sitting down? The moment that Game of Thrones fans have been waiting years for might finally be happening on tonight's episode, "Eastwatch." Massive spoiler alert: it involves Jon Snow, who still hasn't bent the knee.
HBO posted a teaser clip of tonight's episode, and in the clip, our favorite mop-haired sadboi is standing way, way too close to Drogon's face. Daenerys sits atop the injured dragon — presumably, they've just arrived home after the extremely badass Loot Train Attack. Drogon calmly, yet menacingly, inches closer to Jon Snow. Jon looks like he's trying not to cry, and who could blame him? That dragon just roasted a bunch of Lannister soldiers alive.
The trailer hints that Jon Snow and Drogon may have a connection, similar to that with Dany and her dragons. That Drogon doesn't roast Jon Snow immediately is telling — and it hints that Jon's confirmed Targaryen parentage gives him good dragon vibes. In books, there's a long-running prophecy that "the dragon must have three heads," and we know that Jon's true father Rhaegar Targaryen believed this, as he appeared to Dany in a vision repeating it. It's possible, even probable, that Jon Snow is one of dragon heads, and will be riding a dragon too. After all, Viserion and Rhaegal still each need a rider.
We know that he's going to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, which is the easternmost castle in Westeros that houses members of the Night's Watch. Eastwatch is smaller than Castle Black and mainly patrols the Wall from sea smugglers. Tormund Giantsbane was sent to Easwatch, along with other wilding warriors, and he wryly jokes that the wildlings are now the Night's Watch.
Eastwatch is also important because of its proximity to Hardhome, which is where we first saw the Night's King. Will Jon Snow be jetting off to Eastwatch on the back of a dragon? It's a long journey to the Wall, and the trip will take way less time if he flies there. Given that dragonfire kills the White Walkers, it would be a very logistical smart move. And riding a dragon probably gives him a lot more legroom than riding coach in a carriage to the North. Check out the teaser below.
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