Your Favorite Game Of Thrones Stars' First Roles

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner grew up before our very eyes. When Game of Thrones premiered, Arya Stark (Williams) was a girl cutting through societal expectations with a very thin sword called Needle. Her older sister, Sansa (Turner), was lovesick over a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, completely sadistic prince. By Season 7, the girls — and their characters — have utterly transformed.
Unlike Williams and Turner, the majority of the other actors on Game of Thrones were adults by the time they landed a role on the HBO juggernaut. The soon-to-be stars carried with them sprawling IMDb pages that stretched back decades. And that, friends, is where we're traveling.
Let's see Jorah before he became wiry and Greyscaled. Let's meet Lady Olenna as a Bond girl. Let's determine whether Cersei's eyebrows were always quite so arched.
Here are the early roles of Game of Thrones actors that will surely surprise you.
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