This Is Why #RespectHarry Is Trending On Twitter & What It Means For Harry Styles Fans

Photo: Mireya Acierto/FilmMagic.
#RespectHarry has been trending all over social media and you've probably been wondering why. Is it a Harry Potter thing? Prince Harry up to no good? None of the above, actually. Former One Direction member and current Dunkirk star, Harry Styles has some pretty passionate fans and they are riled up.
It all started when a Harry Styles fan account tweeted photos and text message screenshots of a group of girls. These women allegedly showed up to Styles' New York City apartment with flowers, wearing silk robes and lacy tops. According to the messages, they planned to become the singer's groupies and win his favour. Harry Styles' doorman sent them away, apparently at the singer's request.
Now, other fans of the singer have created the hashtag "Respect Harry" to remind people of all the reasons why that was a terrible idea. It put the girls and Styles in danger, and infringes on the pop star's privacy.
This is all well and good. All fans should know the boundaries between them and their celeb of choice. No one wants an Ingrid Goes West situation. Unfortunately, some fans have taken it upon themselves to attack and slut shame the girls. That's a huge no-no.
The girls may have had some false ideas about how to interact with celebrities, but they don't deserve personal attacks. Instead of bashing each other, fans should support one other the way they support Styles.
Being a "groupie," like these young women set out to become, has become overly sexualised and exaggerated in media. If the girls are out there, they should know that you don't need to be sexy to get a man's attention. If you do want to be sexy, you're welcome to do that, too. Just maybe don't try to get into a pop star's apartment. And be safe above all!
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