John Bradley Says Kit Harington Is Even More Handsome IRL

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
There are a lot of friendships to obsess over in Game of Thrones. But the most valuable friend groups are the ones off-screen, like Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, or Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke. Seeing behind-the-scenes or off set pictures of the cast members just hanging out together brings us a specific kind of happiness.
Now, there is a new reigning best friendship that we need to talk about, namely because of one man's praise for the other. The kindness is truly inspiring.
While on a Comic-Con panel with Conan O'Brien, as Vulture writes, John Bradley (the poop-surrounded Samwell Tarley) was asked about Kit Harington (the newly rebellious Jon Snow) since the two shared a lot of screen time together last season. O'Brien says Harington is one of the few cast members he has never met in real-life, so he inquired if Bradley's comrade is as handsome IRL as he is in a fur cloak and leather armour. It turns out he thinks we have no idea just how good looking this guy is. (To which I say: Yes, I tried to warn you all that off-duty Harington was the best Harington of all.)
"Seeing [Harington] on-screen is nice enough,” Bradley explains to O'Brien in the clip, “but it’s nothing compared to what I’m going to call the ‘live experience.’ There's nothing like it. It's a little like only seeing the Mona Lisa as a JPEG on somebody's phone. Somebody's says, 'So what do you think of it?' And you go, 'Yeah that's a pretty good painting, but I am not blown away by it.' But then you see it in real life and you're like 'Good. Lord.'"
He goes on: "The thing about it, too, is that he is a man of no compromise either. There's a selfie of us that I put on my Instagram where we are both kind of leaning in and I am doing 'puppy dog' because that is kind of all I got, right? So, I am doing 'puppy dog' [at this point, he does 'puppy dog'], and then I look and he is doing 'puppy dog' as well!" Bradley did not approve of this breach of selfie pose. As he put it: "You can't have abs and 'puppy dog'."
For those who have not yet seen the infamous go-to pose of Bradley's, here's a quick glance.
Now that you're familiar with the 'puppy dog' pose, here's Harington hitting it out of the park.

Briefly, but happily, back together again. 🙌🤗

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Fingers crossed for a Samwell and Jon reunion soon.

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