Sophie Turner Thinks Sansa Stark Won't Survive Game Of Thrones

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If there's one show that should give you trust issues, it's Game Of Thrones. The HBO series loves to kill off even its most important characters, and while some of them, like Kit Harington's Jon Snow, come back from the dead, most of them meet a tragic, and very permanent fate. It's the rare character who doesn't end up in mortal danger at some point over the course of the series, but when it comes to Sophie Turner's Sansa Stark, we're rooting that she makes it to the end of the line alive and well. One person not convinced that Sansa will make it to the finale of the epic drama? Turner herself.
In a new interview with TIME, the actress — who also stars as Jean Grey in the X-Men franchise and will receive her own solo movie, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, in 2018, admitted that she's not sure how things will play out for Sansa. The royal has already had an incredibly tough life, and has had to contend with being ripped from her family and brutally raped by Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) in a particularly controversial scene. Now that Sansa has finally reclaimed some of her power — she used Ramsay's own hounds to kill the evil man during the Battle of the Bastards — it would be shocking for her to die. Alas, Turner is afraid that's exactly what may happen — even though she hopes it won't.
"Ideally, I’d like [Sansa] to get her revenge on Cersei and many of the others who have done her wrong," Turner told TIME. "What I loved about the character and what I didn’t expect was how much she’s been growing. Even if she didn’t get that final end result of being united with her family again, my hope for her is that she continues to keep growing more and more powerful and confident in herself. But in reality, it’s probably not going to happen, and she’s probably going to die!"
While anything can happen on Game Of Thrones, let's hope that Sansa doesn't go down without a fight. In an interview with Yahoo Movies Singapore, the actress compared her character to Cersei (Lena Headey), the very woman who can be credited for a great deal of Sansa's pain.
"I can totally see [Sansa] becoming a Cersei and kind of driven mad by it, by the threats against her family," she told the outlet. "At the end of the day, that’s why she does the things that she does, because she’s terrified of losing the people she loves. And so she’ll stop at nothing to protect them."
Could she give her life to protect her family? It's totally possible — but I'm hoping that this game never comes to that.

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