The Most Expensive Game Of Thrones Episodes In History

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
If there’s anything we know for sure, Game Of Thrones season 7 is sure to be quite the spectacle when it finally premieres on July 16. The newly released #WinterIsHere trailer promises bigger battles, more fire, and larger dragons than ever before. To get all of these jaw-dropping visual displays, you know what the Thrones team needs to do? Spend a whole lot of money.
To appreciate all the pricey work that’s gone into the upcoming season 7, we looked back on Game Of Thrones’ most expensive episodes to date. The previous instalments include all the unexpected deaths, expansive battles, and shocking explosions we’ve come to expect from the Westerosi fantasy series. Scroll through the gallery to find out which Thrones episodes cost the most coin. We bet some of the episodes will surprise you.
And enjoy the sticker shock now, because we’re sure by the time season 7 wraps, all of these episodes are going to look like they cost chump change.

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