In What Universe Is This Kris Jenner Picture A Selfie?

Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images.
On the 23rd of June, Kris Jenner shared a photograph on her Instagram showing herself holding a bag of diet tea while standing in an all-black Lycra workout outfit next to a pilates machine. Upon seeing it, I thought, 'Cool, spon-con.'
It was not until other sites started writing about the photograph that I noticed something about the photo was completely off. Something that we absolutely need to talk about in 2017.
Suddenly, the harmless image became a lie. Everything about it was wrong, false, and absolutely baffling. It made me SCREAM.
Friends, family, loved ones — we need to address the big issue here: this picture of Kris is NOT A SELFIE.
It is not... a... selfie.
IT'S A PHOTO! Guys, it was only just selfie day. How are so many people mistakenly referring to this photo that was TAKEN BY SOMEONE ELSE as a selfie. You can see her hands! She is holding something in one hand and has the other on her hip. This is a photo-graph.
Now, this photo of Kylie and Kendall is a SELFIE. You can see the shadow of Kylie's hand holding out the phone to take a picture using the front facing camera, making it a selfie.


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This next one? A mirror selfie. Notice how Kylie is holding the camera in her hand, and taking the photo of herself.

miss u

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In case you need a reminder, here is the definition of a selfie:
The Kardashian family is the epitome of a selfie family. Kylie Jenner must take at least 604 selfies a day. Kendall Jenner is frequently sharing selfies with Snapchat filters (the puppy dog ears — you know the one). Kim Kardashian literally wrote the book on selfies.
Oh, and some people think that the Not Selfie is photoshopped. But, spoiler alert: basically every photo of a celebrity is filtered, smoothed, and perfected before making it onto Instagram where millions of people look at it. You might do the same.
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