These Pretty Little Liars Stars Had A Hilarious Time Filming Their Emison Sex Scenes

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On Tuesday, Pretty Little Liars totally solidified the Emison ship by giving Emily and Alison a hookup scene by the Kissing Rock. Apparently, it won't be the last round of sexy time we get between these two — which means that, behind the scenes, Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse were having a blast. The actresses, who have played will-they-won't-they love interests since the show premiered in 2010, are so comfortable together that even the sexiest sex scenes are, well, pretty funny to film.
Speaking to Us Weekly at the Pretty Little Liars: Made Here press preview exhibit in Los Angeles on June 14, Mitchell explained that the hot hookups we see on the show often involve the girls goofing off.
"Sash and I are so close," the Mother's Day actress told the outlet.
They're so close, in fact, that it's totally casual for Mitchell to ask for her nipple cover back: "We’re like, 'Hey, can you grab my nipple cover and pick it up? It’s on my knee!'"
Pretty Little Liars will officially bow out on Tuesday, June 27, with a two-hour finale episode. However, that's not stopping fans from pleading for an Emison-centric spin-off. Some are convinced that Mitchell and Pieterse will join the cast of The Perfectionists, a new TV show that PLL showrunner I. Marlene King is producing — though nothing has been confirmed yet. However, King did state to Entertainment Tonight that she is excited to explore new opportunities for the PLL characters — though Emily and Alison weren't specifically namechecked.
""[A spin-off] is definitely a possibility. It's not a for sure thing, but there are ideas swirling around there," King told ET, before adding: "But I'm not going to say just yet who those characters might be."
While a spin-off seems a long way away (if it were to happen at all), fans can look forward to "HBO-level" sex scenes, the showrunner tweeted of the PLL finale.
"There is a lot of HBO level sex in 720. Equal opportunity HBO level sex."
Get ready, fans: Things are about to get steamy.

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