Everything I Learned From Watching Pretty Little Liars For 7 Years

Photo: Courtesy of Freeform
We're merely weeks away from the end of Pretty Little Liars, and I have all of the feelings about it. While I'm desperate to learn the identity (or identities!) of Uber A, the elusive baddie who ushered in the show's endgame, I know it comes at a cost. A.D.'s reveal means the end of PLL, which means the end of a series that showed major love to female friendships and, in its own way, stuck it to the patriarchy. The end of Pretty Little Liars means more than just the end of a show: It's the end of a mystery that has made me theorise over every little clue for seven years. How can one say goodbye to something that they were so invested in?
Right now, I'm not sure I have the proper answer. Parting is such sweet sorrow, even if, to paraphrase Winnie the Pooh (and also Spencer), we're all pretty lucky to have had something that makes saying goodbye so hard. That's why now is the perfect time to reflect on what watching PLL for seven seasons has taught its audience. From trusting your gut to being there for your friends, here's what I'll take with me once Pretty Little Liars bites the dust.

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