All Of The Biggest Questions We Have Going Into The Handmaid's Tale Finale

Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale came at exactly the moment we needed it to. From the moment the Elisabeth Moss starrer premiered in April 2017, it held a mirror up to all the dark political implications of America's newest administration. And now season 1 is about to come to an end on Wednesday, June 14.
The TV adaptation follows Offred (Moss) — whom I prefer to call by her non-prisoner name, June — a woman trapped as a "handmaid" in the religiously fanatical Republic of Gilead. Because June can still bear children in a world where new births have all but stopped, she's routinely raped by Fred, a high-ranking commander in the government, in hopes of a pregnancy. All other handmaids are assaulted in the same way by their own assigned commanders.
This horrifying premise is how we enter Handmaid's Tale, but, over 10 episodes, the story has fallen down a rabbit hole of illicit relationships, surprise brothels, husbands coming back from the dead, and anti-government rebellions. After all of these twists, the series has a lot of big questions to answer with the upcoming finale, "Night," when it comes to June's life and the terrifying world she lives in. Scroll through the slideshow to find out everything we need to know before Handmaid's season 1 wraps.

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