Mandy Moore Teases Rebecca & Miguel Answers On This Is Us

Photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC.
Pictured: Mandy Moore as Rebecca Pearson.
Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue. Maybe if we keep repeating that, it'll lessen the sting of learning that we've still got ages to go before we get the nitty-gritty on those Pearson family scoops.
In a new interview with People, Mandy Moore revealed that fans of NBC's This Is Us will eventually learn how her character, Big Three matriarch Rebecca Pearson, ended up married to her husband Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) best friend, Miguel, played by Jon Huertas — but it (welp) won't be anytime soon.
“Because I know a lot of what happens, I’m excited to see, which I don’t think will happen in season 2, I want to see the evolution of Rebecca and Miguel’s relationship, like how that happened," the actress and singer, who joined her costars for a Red Nose Day special last night, told the magazine. "I’ve heard that that potentially will be later in season 2, maybe beginning of season 3. And I want to know what happened with Rebecca and Kate’s relationship, why it’s fractured, and why there’s that disconnect.”
You read that right. That's another year or more on the clock. The agony.
Moore did tease that the drama won't leave fans completely high and dry.
"I’ve heard that some answers people didn’t get in the end of season 1 will be addressed to a certain extent in the beginning of season 2,” she added.
Well, that's something. And if you're interested in storylines the show won't be featuring, consult this video from last night's event, in which the cast present fake spoilers for their characters. Do you think Sterling K. Brown and Milo Ventimiglia planned those matching khaki suits, or... ?

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