This Is Aziz Ansari’s Greatest Fear About Master Of None

Aziz Ansari got real about a lot of things in Master of None's second season, which premiered earlier this month, including the perils of online dating, working at an unfulfilling job, navigating the world as the son of immigrant parents, struggling to get over an ex, and falling in love with someone who just isn't available. While still filled with the actor's signature humour and quirks, this season seemed to be more personal, raw, and relatable than the first.
That’s why it was so refreshing to learn that, like us, the wildly successful Ansari and co-creator Alan Yang have their own stressors, too.

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While speaking at Vulture Festival, Ansari revealed that the future freaks him out.
"The worst time to ask me or Alan [Yang] about whether we're doing a third season is right after we finished the second season," he said, according to Vulture. "Even just hearing the words ‘season three’ stresses me out. And being asked that in interviews stresses me out. I immediately think of a year of very hard work. Now we've just finished the season, and now we have other things we want to do. I love the show, and it's the best job I have ever had to make a show with my best friend, and my whole entire immediate family."
Ansari continued to say that while he's not opposed to making another season, he doesn't want to "if it wasn't as inspired as what we did" in previous seasons. Taking a break wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for the comedy duo. You may recall that they waited two years before releasing the latest season on Netflix.
"I wouldn't want to have it be a step back and make it not as cool or as exciting," Ansari said. "I think we need some time to refill the notebook. If I had my druthers — whatever druthers are — any time the notebook was filled up and me and Alan felt like we had a few, we would call up Netflix and say, 'Okay, let's do it,' and make a season three a few years from now…I need to live my life a little bit, maybe get in a serious relationship, have a kid, something, and then maybe figure it out."

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Though it would selfishly be disappointing to not get in our Master of None fix — or to find out just what the hell is going on between Francesca (Alessandra Mastronardi) and Dev — for another few years, holding off seems to be in line with what the show’s all about: navigating life as it comes and not taking yourself, or anything, too seriously.

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