Does Taylor Swift's Squad Still Exist?

In the Hollywood playground hierarchy, Taylor Swift holds court. She and all of her carefully curated friends live enviously Instagrammable lives, and have incredibly successful careers. Come summer, we ought to be expecting a surge of party pics and colour-coordinated selfies, including on July 4th at Swift’s Rhode Island home, celebrations of the so-called squad.
However, recent events in young Hollywood lead us to believe that all might not be well in Swiftville. Selena Gomez just made her debut with Abel Tesfaye (aka The Weeknd). Previously, Tesfaye dated Bella Hadid, another member of the Swift Squad. Sure, a tight friend group can withstand what some may assume are minor ruptures in girl code. We wonder, though, if there aren’t other fissures occurring amongst the famous friends.
Here, we take the temperature of each major Swift friendship. As 1990s It Girl Heidi Klum would say on Project Runway, “One day you're in, and the next day you're out.” We’ll still hold tight for July 4.

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