The Absolute Sexiest Movies On Netflix

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Is there anything more fascinating than the endless contortions of the human heartand the human body? Probably not, since most movies, books, and pop music revolve around the same topic. Who we love, who we want, who loves us, and who wants us are four of the most essential questions of life.
We culled the best of Netflix's "Steamy" category for your (viewing) pleasure. Each of the movies on this list does a particularly good job of addressing this subject of fascination, also known as the bedroom. From suburban couples in Sydney to a sexual rivalry in 16th-century India, these movies offer a kaleidoscopic approach to the same topic when taken together.
So someone call the fire department, because these movies are smokin’ hot. And not only are they smokin’ hot, but they’re streamable. Yep, it looks like your Friday night in just got a whole lot sexier.
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Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)

This award-winning film made a name for itself with its naturalistic portrayal of young love and its 15-minute sex scenes. In fact, it's so seriously steamy that it garnered a rating of NC-17 (No Children Under 17 Admitted).

In the film, French teenager Adele's life is forever changed after she meets Emma, a woman with blue hair, and the two begin a torrid affair. Track each step of the rise, plateau, and fall of a young romance. Weep for the love that can only exist before the 20s.
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Magic Mike (2012)

Don't roll your eyes at me, pal! Magic Mike is too steamy, it's just a very particular type of steamy. The type of steamy that turned into a wildly profitable, touring franchise all thanks to Channing Tatum's shudderingly ripped bod.

For the uninitiated (where the hell have you been, mate?), Magic Mike is about handyman Mike (Tatum) who becomes one of the headline acts at a male strip joint. Once he becomes pro, he takes Alex Pettyfer's character under his wing to teach him the ways but then starts a bit of thing with his sister. It's truly gripping stuff...
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Nymphomaniac: Vol. I & II (2013)

Known for depicting brute violence and sadism in his films, Danish director Lars von Trier often goes where no other director has gone before. In this two-volume film, Von Trier tackles sex, and lots of it. Joe, a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac, recounts, in graphic details, the adventures of her sex life.
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Newness (2017)

Millennial boy meets millennial girl against the buzzy, social-media driven backdrop of Los Angeles. They match on a dating app, go out on a date and enter somewhat of a whirlwind relationship pretty quickly. They cross physical and emotional boundaries trying to work out if they want more than sex, whether an open relationship is truly for them and whether or not they're ready for that (big) little thing called love. Nicholas Hoult from Skins and X-Men stars.
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Lady Chatterley's Lover (1981)

Based on the 1928 novel by D. H. Lawrence, this early film adaptation tells the story of Lady Chatterley and the conflict between her love for her husband (who returns from the First World War disabled and in a wheelchair) and her physical desires. It may be a period piece, but t's a pretty frank exploration of sex (the book was banned as pornographic until the 1960s) to be fair...
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A Funny Kind Of Love (2016)

Lets just put this out there: when they say "a funny kind of love", they're alluding to unusual sex stuff. Boasting that "big group people unknowingly connected to each other" that the early 2010s loved so much, A Funny Kind Of Love tells the story of five couples with very particular sexual fantasies. We're talking fake affairs, being turned on by your partner crying and, of course, the guy who likes feet. It's as funny as it is sweet, but the focus is very much on the execution of fetishes.
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Love (2015)

An American student live in Paris. He has supposedly no-strings-attached sex with French girlfriend, Electra, and another young women to spice up their love life and (obviously) it doesn't end up being as straight-forward as they assumed it would be. Writer/directors Gaspar Noé's fourth film throws a whole body of human emotion right at you - it's unashamedly erotic, deeply personal and pretty damn bold.
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The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

Nothing says steamy quite like Piers Brosnan, amirite? Well here he is at peak smoulder, playing self-made billionaire Thomas Crown. He's good with the ladies and has his life made, but he gets bored of it. So, he turns his hand to art theft. He steals a priceless Money painting and seduces the female investigator hired to get to the bottom of it. Classic Brosnan.

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