People Are Disturbed By This Bachelor Contestant's Latest Instagram

US Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios' Instagram is normally a good source for things like commentary on the show and many, many photoshoots, but her most recent post has people feeling uncomfortable. The 24-year-old TV personality wanted to promote her little cousin's new fashion Instagram account and the photo she chose is raising some eyebrows — as well as some serious concerns.
The picture shows the 6-year-old naked in a bath sprinkled with rose petals, her body obscured only by a magazine.

"I'm dying over my baby cousin becoming a 'little blogger'", Olympios captioned the photo. "Follow my adorable @laureltoledano for the cutest fashion tips ever."

Her cousin's account features another version of this photo, as well as shots of herself posing in clothes and doing beauty treatments.

Daily bathtub 🌹

A photo posted by Little Blogger (@laureltoledano) on

Commenters took offence to this photo in particular, likely due to the suggestive nature of the pose.
For the most part, fans were concerned that this type of content — and Olympios promoting it — put her cousin in a dangerous position. Whether or not people agreed that the photo is suggestive, most warned that this could send dangerous people to the account of a minor.

Others, however, are sure the 6-year-old is well protected, and don't think the photo is inappropriate.
Olympios has yet to respond to any of the comments on Instagram, or post anything on social media acknowledging the backlash. If there's one thing we've learned from watching her, she definitely doesn't listen to the haters.

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