This Is Officially The BEST Gilmore Girls Theory About Rory & Logan

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After watching Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life and hearing those last four words, it was easy to make a few connections between Rory and Lorelai's respective love lives. Specifically, that Logan was Rory's Christopher. But what if Rory is actually more like Emily Gilmore — and Logan is actually her Richard? It's a far less publicised theory that a commenter recently pointed out on Refinery29's Facebook page. "Emily and Richard met at Yale," Kelsey Davis posted. "Richard was engaged to someone his family approved of, while Emily was the other woman. Richard broke his engagement to be with Emily. Maybe Rory and Logan are Emily and Richard, not Lorelai and Christopher." Well, that's a horse of a different colour, now isn't it? It's not a new theory, but it's one that certainly gains some momentum after the show's revival. Not to mention, could be a nice tribute to one of the series' best couples. I have definitely always been in the "Logan is Rory's Christopher" camp. The signs all seem to be there. They are both wealthy and charming. Both lack responsibility or the ability to ignore their family's plans for them. Even the fact that Christopher is such a fan of Logan's seems to tie these two together on a deeper level. But this theory definitely has legs. Like Rory and Logan, Emily and Richard did meet at Yale, at a party while the Gilmore patriarch was a student. Emily was a Smith girl, naturally. Richard was planning to marry his Yale classmate, Pennilyn Lott — until he wasn't. Richard's mother, Trix, was a fan of Lott and her pedigree, even writing a letter to Richard the day before his wedding asking him not to marry Emily. That act of defiance certainly rivals Rory's dressing down by the Huntzberger's at a family dinner. Logan is currently engaged to a French heiress named Odette, who the Huntzbergers think is the perfect match, even if he doesn't. It's clear he'd rather be with Rory and the fact that she's pregnant, possibly with his baby, could mean he'll break off that engagement and together, they'll live happily ever after, with baby making three. As Reddit pointed out, there are other small clues in A Year In The Life that tease a connection between Emily and Richard and Rory and Logan. As one redditor mentioned, "[Logan] even mentions the red dress she was wearing when he saw her in Hamburg, just like Richard mentions Emily's blue dress," when talking about the first time he met her. I would also point out that despite the circumstance of their kind-of relationship, Logan and Rory seem like partners. In college, they were partners in crime (quite literally with that yacht-stealing) who worked together to get the Yale Daily News out before deadline. As adults, Rory uses him as a sounding board. When she's trying to figure out her career path, she goes to him, not her mom, for advice. That seems like what Emily Gilmore would have called a partnership. Of course, that bun in Rory's oven differs from Richard and Emily's story. It's definitely much more Maury than their affair. If the baby is Logan's, which only Matt Czuchry knows for sure, it's also a reason that fans could immediately shut down this theory. Not so fast: The reason this theory works is that it shows Rory's life isn't completely full circle and that Amy Sherman-Palladino wasn't completely going the easy route her. Rory isn't another Lorelai like we always suspected or have been told she is. Having grown up the way she has, Rory also has a bit of Emily in her, too. Logan is not her Christopher or her Richard, but a bit of both. If you side with this theory, it means Rory is a Gilmore girl through and through — and her adult life is starting to reflect that.

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