Hilary Duff Apologises For Her Halloween Costume

Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty/Casamigos Tequila.
Update: Duff took to Twitter to apologise for her costume on Sunday, October 30. "I am SO sorry to people I offended with my costume," Duff wrote. "It was not properly thought through and I am truly, from the bottom of my [heart emoji,] sorry."
This story was originally published on October 29, 2016. Hilary Duff may have just won the award for worst Halloween costume of 2016 — or at least the most tone-deaf. Duff and her boyfriend, Jason Walsh, showed up to the Casamigos Halloween party on Friday night dressed as a sexy pilgrim and a Native American chief. As The Huffington Post pointed out, the internet was quick to notice how racist their looks, which had Walsh wearing a Native American headdress, were. For some, the costume was even more offensive knowing the relationship between the pilgrims and Native Americans. "No @HilaryDuff," one person tweeted, "traditional dress is not a costume and you being dressed as a pilgrim proves to me how insensitive and ignorant you are." Others noted how this year, of all years, when Native Americans are being arrested for protesting the construction of the North Dakota Access Pipeline, it seems especially disrespectful and out of touch to dress this way. "Of all years to be willfully obtuse," one person tweeted. "With all the growing conversation on #NoDAPL right now... this is even more repulsive. Ridiculous." Another wrote in regards to Walsh's costume, "If he wanted to be authentic he could have dogs set on him, or pepper sprayed." Mainly, though, people were just tired of celebrities not knowing better when it comes to their Halloween costume. Last week, Chris Hemsworth apologised for dressing as a Native American last year for a Lone Ranger-themed New Year's Eve party, saying he was "stupidly unaware of the [offence] this may have caused and the sensitivity around this issue." "I sincerely and unreservedly [apologise] to all First Nations people for this thoughtless action. I now appreciate that there is a great need for a deeper understanding of the complex and extensive issues facing indigenous communities," Hemsworth wrote on Instagram. "I hope that in highlighting my own ignorance I can help in some small way." As one person tweeted, Duff unfortunately didn't seem to get the message.

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