Just How Much Did Kylie Jenner's Insane Birthday Bonanza Cost?

I remember exactly where I was on my 19th birthday: teaching summer school to rising first-graders, in a room with no AC, just box fans. Which is to say, pretty much the opposite of how Kylie Jenner commemorated her big day. Or should I say big month?

I, along with the rest of Kylie's millions of followers, got a front-row seat to the celebrations, thanks to Snapchat and Instagram. And let me just say, it was a far cry from my day spent corralling 6-year-olds. In true Jenner-Kardashian fashion, Kylie spared no expense. The birthday girl has been in full-on party mode for the past few weeks, with everything from new puppies to new cars to mark the occasion.

So how much does a 19th birthday cost when you're a Jenner? Click through to see what we've tallied up for just some of Kylie's amazing birthday presents. Just one question: What the heck is she going to do to celebrate turning 21?

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