Everything The Season 6 Finale Of Game Of Thrones Needs To Address

We're just hours away from finding out how season 6 of Game Of Thrones ends and while we're excited, we're also scared they may leave us with a lot of unanswered questions.
While we can rest assured that these questions will likely not be as divisive as last season's Jon Snow cliffhanger, it's got us thinking that there are some things we really, really would like to know before we head into the seventh and final season.
Since photos from the GOT finale can only give away so much, we're making a wishlist of the questions we'd like to see answered in this epic finale. The theories that have been spreading like wild fire across the internet that we'd finally like to see put to bed.
One can only hope this super-sized episode — the show's longest ever, clocking in at 69 minutes — gave the show's creator's enough time to get to them all.
For our sake and theirs.

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