What Do These Game Of Thrones Photos Reveal About The Season 6 Finale?

Photo: Courtesy HBO.
No surprise, HBO is being pretty stingy with the details of this Sunday's Game Of Thrones finale. The final episode of season 6 — the longest in the show's history — didn't even get a vague episode description.
HBO did, however, release photos from the episode that have us guessing what the show's creators have in store for fans during this super-sized finale.
The six promo shots show us Tyrion talking with Daenerys, Bran Stark in the snow, Ser Davos looking pretty angry, Loras Tyrell at the knees of the High Sparrow, and Jaime sharing a drink with Walder Frey before (or after?) riding off with his army.
These photos are subtle, like really subtle, but after doing a little research, they all seem to hint at what could be a shocking end to an already shocking season. (Hello, they brought Jon Snow back from the dead!)
So, get ready to see some season-ending theories that, SPOILER, probably mean some Game Of Thrones characters aren't going to make it to season 7.

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