The Most Savage Reactions To Olly’s Death On Game Of Thrones

Photo: Helen Sloan/ Courtesy of HBO.
If you happened to be on Twitter last night, then you may have noticed more than a few people tweeting "#FuckOlly." And if you happen to follow a plethora of Game of Thrones fans, that hashtag may have taken over your entire social media feed. It seems many GoT fans are thrilled over the character's death. So, who is Olly and why is everyone tweeting pictures of his dead body? To summarise, Olly stabbed Jon Snow in the heart during an epic betrayal in last season's finale. On top of that, he also shot the arrow that killed Snow's lover, Ygritte. If you want more details, read our recap of the episode here. If you're curious as to why this is even part of the plot line, it's because Game of Thrones is fucking nuts that's why. And some fans seem to be even crazier. Granted, Olly did mess with Jon Snow, a fan favourite on the series, and I understand why we're all a bit happy to karma take its course. But it is pretty messed up just how excited people are about this child's violent execution. Folks seem to hate Olly more than they hate Ramsay Bolton and Joffrey Baratheon — which is saying a lot. Winter is here, because GoT fans' hearts are apparently twice frozen over. Check out some of the more savage tweets, below.

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