Making A Murderer Creators Do Twitter Q&A

Interest in Making a Murderer does not seem to wane. After a series of interviews have cast the integrity of the show into doubt, like this one with Ken Kratz or this one with Jodi Stachowski, there was no question that there was more to be said.

Making a Murderer
filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos took to Twitter and conducted a brief but meaty Q&A with fans of the show. Lots of us had lots of burning questions for the pair, especially as public perception of Avery’s guilt seems to change along with the tides. They covered most of the ones we would have asked. They addressed how they found Steven Avery, questions about all the evidence that they left out, and what's going on with Jodi Stachowski recanting her statements from the film. There were also some interesting tidbits on just how close the state of Wisconsin came to shutting down production entirely. What the filmmakers didn't cover is the most recent bit of internet sleuthing: That Teresa Halbach's keychain appeared to be much more than just a single key attached to a fob. And that makes sense. Why would someone carry just one key? Nobody does that, outside of serial killers or ten-year-olds who have a backdoor key for when they get home after school. Whether that's evidence that the police planted the key or that Avery detached the key, carried it back into his trailer, and hid it so well that it remained out of sight for days (but not so well that it wasn't in plain sight eventually), we'll never know. One of the strange features of true crime is that more often than not the participants are normal people. Kratz, Buting, Stang, Stachowski, the Averys, and the Halbachs are not celebrities, but now they're household names. Ricciardi and Demos are now reaching that status as well. So it’s interesting to see them now in the moments before they become famous documentarians. We picked out highlights of the questions and their responses below, but the entirety of the Q&A session is on Twitter.

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