Street View

15 Style Lessons From Australian Street Style That We’re Taking Into 2023

When Refinery29 Australia launched Street View back in May this year, we knew there would be no shortage of locals to rep individual personal style across Australia.
Now, more than six months, 16 editions and over 300 photos later, we can confirm that Australia is at the forefront of unapologetically daring street style.
We travelled across the country to find out not only what people are wearing, but how they're wearing it — making detailed notes along the way. We saw Aussies embracing 2022's biggest trends and creating new ones.
From style rules you love to break to reimagining basics in creative ways, your street style snaps have paved the way for another exciting year and the art of getting dressed in 2023.
Ahead, the top 15 style tips we learnt from Street View this year, from Freemantle to Fitzroy.
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