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Welcome To Street View — The New Home For Aussie Street Style

Marli Blanche
Our clothes tell a story. Fashion has long served as a marker of everything from status, class and occupation all the way to taste, gender and values. At its core, fashion unifies us, communicating our place, culture and time.
As a team, we reflected on our own experiences of fashion, and as much as we love to ogle at runways and glossy magazine pages, in the time of microtrends, hype culture and superfast fashion, we realised that what really gets our hearts singing is authentic coverage of fashion expression, as we see it in our everyday lives. Real people on their morning commute, dashing to the shops or grabbing coffee with their friends, wearing beat-up sneakers and lived-in denim to the loudest outerwear — these are the style moments that stay with us, and we wanted to capture them in all their glory.
Luckily, as one of the most diverse countries in the world, we have a depth of local style and creativity to bring to the main stage. So we're excited to share that Refinery29 Australia is launching Street View, a fortnightly photo series platforming what everyday women and gender-diverse people are wearing across the country. 

What is Street View?

Street View is a street style series showcasing authentic personal style across Australia. From vintage scores and hand-me-downs to intricate designs and investment pieces, we're celebrating the street style looks that remind us that fashion is about self-expression.
Working with a collective of emerging local photographers in Australia’s major cities, we’re on a mission to hit refresh on what Australian fashion is all about. Through outfit dumps and interviews, we uncover the stories behind the clothes that make us double-take.
First up, we have Fitzroy, Melbourne. There, local photographer Phoebe Veldhuizen met Siann, who piqued her interest with a Maison Margiela coat paired with a Freitag bag, Pooja who looked effortlessly cool in a Paloma Wool sweater and Converse high-tops and Grace, who was op-shopping in an outfit that mixed vintage pieces and ASOS finds (to call out just a few). Check it out here!

Interested in photographing a Street View collection?

We're always on the lookout for budding photographers to help us capture street style across the country. If you're keen and think you'd be a good fit, apply here.

Have a request for future Street View collections?

We’re all ears! Email us at
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