How To Wear Black To A Wedding

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Weddings often come with a slew of constricting "dos" and "don'ts." Some are reasonable: Never wear white as a guest, only buy gifts from the bride and groom's registry, abide by the chosen wedding dress code. And others are a little archaic: Young, single ladies for the bridal bouquet toss only; and my (least) favourite — never wear black. While dark hues, in general, have a traditional connotation for funerals and mourning, the little black dress has proven itself enough of a staple in modern times that we can do away with this antiquated notion. It's a universally acknowledged truth that a good black dress is magically flattering and, more importantly, takes the guesswork out of an otherwise gruelling task of wedding guest dress shopping.
As long as you're not choosing to rock a lace veil or wearing something specifically to upstage the bride, wearing a black dress or gown to a wedding is one of the least offensive things you can do. It's not all doom and gloom — these days, even some brides are choosing to embrace black dresses for their big day.
We're showing you how to pull off the colour and make it as festive as the event you're attending. Click through for a little bit of inspiration. Isn't it time you stopped being so afraid of the dark?
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